Mid Waist Shorts

Mavericks Shorts
Mavericks Shorts
Mavericks Shorts
Mavericks Shorts
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High Waist Shorts, Mid-Waist Shorts, Low Waist Booty Shorts, & Boy Shorts (measure around widest part of butt)
Child's S: 22-24 inches (size 4-6)
Child's M: 25-26 inches (size 6-8)
Child's L: 27-28 inches (size 8-10)
Child's XL: 29-31 inches (size 10-12)
Small Adult: 32-34 inches (size 12-14)
Medium Adult: 35-37 inches (size 14-16)
Large Adult: 38-41 inches (size 16-18)

For our Adjustable Bra Tops (measure around the bust)
Child's Small: 22-26 inch chest (low coverage)
Child's Medium: 27-32 inch chest (with up to an A cup)
Child's Large: 33-37 inch chest (with up to a C cup)